July 20, 2014

NFL Fever...or not

An ode to the Broncos...ahhhh just kiddingggg! I know nothing about football. What I do know, is that orange and blue are perfect complimentary colors. This neon orange top boosts the royal color of the pants to another level. I love the neckline of this top, too. The way it drapes into the v-shape is sure to elongate anyone's neck...(don't worry, we're not talking giraffe status here). 

I added this long gold fringed necklace to add a little shine and a tad more interest to the outfit, but honestly, it doesn't need much more than that because of the brightness of both the orange and the blue.

This gold cuff adds just a little something to my, otherwise, bare arms. And to tie all the gold in, I'm wearing simple gold sandals that frequent my feet on account of them pairing well with any outfit I have on.

Also, the gold hardware on this tan Michael Kors bag pulls a little more gold in..you can never have enough gold(:

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. My not so official ode to the [unfamiliar to me] Denver Broncos...honestly, people, I'm not a huge fan of the NFL, but coming from South Louisiana, I'd definitely be a Saints fan if I was...but like I said, I'm not. So let's just leave it at that. Who would've thought I'd have a whole football rant on my fashion blog? Not me. OK, enough, bye.

Top: reneec. (Apricot Lane Boutique) *similar
Pants: Xhileration (Target) *similar
Sandals: Forever 21 *similar
Necklace & Bracelet: Charlotte Russe *similar & similar
Bag: Michael Kors (Dillard's) *similar

Pot belly pigs, diamond rings, and pink tulips,

PS-Bath & Body Works has released some of their fall scented candles, apparently, and I'm heading out to grab one of my favorites, Leaves, before they're sold out. Just a heads up to let you know I'm thinking of you(; 

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