July 19, 2014

Forever Floral

There's nothing like a neon, floral printed skater skirt to shed some light on an otherwise rainy day. This one did just that today. It's easy to feel dark and drab during rainstorms, isn't it? But I always feel so much better when I add that extra effort in the morning when getting ready, so that the rainy day doesn't drag my mood down with it. Your clothes really can lift your spirits! There's a reason that saying, "look good, feel good" gets thrown around so much.

Anywayyyy, let's get down to business! I got this floral print skirt from TOBI.com and had not worn it until today and I am so glad I brought it out! This brightly colored skirt paired with an equally brightly colored neon pink top is the perfect cure for a dreary day! The pink hued top was purchased prior to the skirt and just-so-happens to be just the right color for it! 

This nice little necklace with navy blue stones ties in the navy background of the skirt and is the perfect length and shape to compliment the high neckline of the top.

And there's lots to say about a sleek, feminine timepiece like the one here from Anne Klein, but I'll keep it short by saying its thin band and large round face makes this watch timeless (no pun intended...or maybe it was, you never know).

The outfit is made complete by these simple nude flats that go great with almost anything!

Top: Jealous Tomato (Couture Cosmetics Boutique) *similar
Skirt: TOBI *similar
Necklace: Target *similar
Watch: Anne Klein (Dillard's) *similar
Flats: CityClassified (GoJane.com) *similar

Don't forget to brighten up your rainy days with amazing style!

Popsicles, polka dots, and rubies,

PS-Check out the awesome semi-annual sale that Altar'd State has going on right now! I racked up on some funky jewelry that is sure to make a blog appearance soon!

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