July 22, 2014

Weekend Wedding

 One of the most exciting things about spring/summertime, and let me be clear, there are so many (summer is my favorite time of year), is that it's the most popular time of the year for weddings! I got to attend one last weekend and I was so excited to rock this maxi for it!

Fashion Myth: Wearing black to a wedding is UNACCEPTABLE.
"Myth" being the operative word here.
It is ABSOLUTELY acceptable to wear black to a wedding, in my opinion. Now, white, well that's a whole other story (unless you're the bride).
I actually fit in with the wedding party this time since there was a black and white color scheme. Oops!

The cutouts can be a little dangerous on this one, but since I am lacking in the chest department, it works out fine. I love the simplicity of the dress with the cutouts being the main focal point.

The tricky part about wearing this ensemble was the fact that I have this phobia of going "braless".
My solution to this little dilemma: bandaids.
& I'll just leave it at that.
Moving on!

This gold triple chain link bracelet started out with black ribbon running through it. That had to go.
Now that it's ribbon-free, it looks way more glamorous and chic.

These leaf-like earrings peaked through my curled hair to reveal just a little more shine.
You can't see my feet in the photos, but I have on simple gold sandals and I love that they hide beneath the flowy dress perfectly.

Dress: TOBI *similar
Bracelet: The Limited *similar
Earrings: Altar'd State *similar
Sandals: Forever21 *similar

The wedding was gorgeous, by the way. Very similar to how I imagine mine to be one day. Fairly small, 176 people to be exact. And at a small, rustic venue with tea light candles lining the wooden walls. So beautiful. And don't get me started on the bride in her AMAZING wedding gown! Ahhh! Loved it!

Until next time, friends.

Pearls, tanlines, and wedding bells,

PS-My hot date looked mighty fresh, too. His rugged good looks will be left to your imagination until further notice. (;

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