July 23, 2014

Workout Motivation

 One thing I despise doing is working out. I just don't enjoy it. I'm on a continuous mission to find some form of physical activity that I actually like doing. Recently I've taken to bike riding, and I am actually starting to like it. I received a bike as an early birthday present from my dad (as per my request). And I've used it about 3 times since I got it a week and a half ago. 3 times is progress for me, people!
Anyway, one of my biggest fitness motivations is cute workout clothes! This is an example of something I'd wear to get my fitness on. 

Aren't these colors fun?!
The orange top is a lot more fitted than I'm used to, but it's actually pretty flattering.
This pair of hot pink shorts provide another huge burst of color, and pairs well with the orange top, as well as the blue sports bra. This is the most comfortable sports bra I've ever owned, by the way.

These tie dyed socks are just another fun element to this fitness ensemble. They come up over my knees and are probably supposed to be worn while playing soccer, but I love them for any activity.

These are the only pair of tennis shoes I own, so for now, I wear them with everything I workout in. Ha! Ha!
They are the lightest tennis shoes I've ever owned and are so nice and comfy to wear while sweating through a [short, because I'm a beginner] workout routine.

Top: Nike Pro (Dick's Sporting Goods) *similar
Sports Bra: TJ Maxx *similar
Shorts: merika tek (TJ Maxx) *similar
Socks: Academy Sports and Outdoors *similar
Shoes: Nike *similar

I hope this inspires you to get some exercise, too!

Mangos, butterflies, and coffee mugs,

PS-Here's a link to the AB routine I try to do at least three times a week. The ten minute routine flies by because of the variations in exercises throughout the video.

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