April 14, 2017

LipSense c/o Kissable Lips by Kelsie

Here's the thing about me and makeup: we have a love/hate relationship. I love makeup, but I'm really no good at applying it or remembering to re-apply things like lipstick/gloss. When Kelsie from Kissable Lips by Kelsie contacted me about her product, I was intrigued. Lipstick that lasts all day without having to re-apply? I'm down to try that.

April 7, 2017

Buckle Saddle Bag from Versona

I woke up this morning knowing that although it was going to be a beautiful and sunny day, there would still be a slight chill in the air. I'm not a fan of "chill" when it comes to weather, ya'll. So I knew I needed a light sweater but I wanted my outfit to still be spring appropriate, hence the blush color.