October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

 Holy cow, you guys!! It's already the last day of October! That was quick!

There's always a few people at the Halloween party who didn't quite plan out their costumes in advance, so today, I'm bringing you two VERY last minute costumes that you can literally throw on in under 15 minutes.

Costume #1: Scarecrow
This (unintentionally) creepy scarecrow is super easy to do. All you need is black eyeliner, pink lipstick/blush, a hat, a flannel shirt, jeans/shorts/ & boots. Most of these things will likely already be in your wardrobe.

I ended up drawing my lines too thick on my face (in my opinion) which is why it looks a little more creepy than cute, but it is Halloween afterall.
It literally takes about five minutes to put this makeup look together.
1. Line your eyes with eyeliner and add a few different sized triangle shapes along your lower lashline.
2. Give yourself some rosy cheeks. I used baby pick lipstick.
3. Add your stitched on nose by drawing a triangle and filling it in with that same pink color you used for your cheeks. Then draw lines across the outside of the triangle to make the stitches.
4. Your stitched mouth is the last step. Just extend a line out on each side of your mouth and draw on small stitches just like you did for your nose!
ANDDDD you're done! Throw on your outfit & head out the door!

Costume #2: Cat
If you can run to the dollar store on your way to the party to pick up a pair of cat ears, then you can create this costume for only $1! MEOW!

This one is even easier than the scarecrow costume!
1. Use black eyeliner to cover the tip of your nose, extend a line down the center from your nose to your upper lip.
2. Line your upper lip with black and fill them in with a pink lipstick color.
3. Create dots above your mouth and whiskers on each side & you're done!
I added winged liner to my eyes (I'm not great at it, but whatever) for a semi cat-eye look.

My outfit is simply a black cami, black leggings, and black flats. Easy as 1-2-3!

 I added sparkle with a necklace as my collar.

Ghouls, goblins, and a whole lotta fun,

PS-How adorably photogenic is my little Jack?!<3

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October 29, 2014

OCTOBER Favorites

It's favorites time!! I'm not sure why I haven't done a favorites post until now, but I think we all know it's about time I started talking about them so HERE WE GO!

1 & 2 definitely go hand-in-hand. I use them every morning and every night. I use everything in the starter kit except the oil control mattifier because my skin will get super duper dry if I use that and I can NOT deal with dry skin. I can't stand it! The rest of the products do wonders for my sensitive skin though. I got this kit when I had a terrible breakout all over my face. I have had skin issues since I started college. I graduated 2 years ago, so it's about time I found something to cure this problem, right? Here it is, people! I'm not saying it'll work for everyone, but it works pretty darn well for me. I use a moisturizer to keep the previously mentioned dry skin at bay, but I'm still deciding on my favorite, so sit tight for now.

I love love love this color for Fall! It's the perfect deep berry shade. I've painted and repainted my nails this color all month! I'm pretty sure I only used one other color this month and I quickly reverted back to this gorgeous polish!

YOU GUYS! This stuff! It's amazing! I have long, thick hair that takes ages to dry even with my blow dryer on full blast, but I'm convinced this stuff cuts my drying time by at least one-third. Also, the scent is soooo good!

4. YouTube Channel: The Ellen Show
As my family and friends know, I love Ellen DeGeneres's show. She brightens my day with a little laughter all the time! Because I'm at work all day and can't watch from home (I don't have DVR/TiVo/whatever), I subscribe to her channel on YouTube so I can still get my daily doses. She posts basically her entire show in shorter clips here everyday!

Ya'll are going to get so sick of me talking about these shoes! I truly do love them though! See them in these posts: Corey Smith Show & Dear Mr. Madden ...I will say no more.

I finally got around to subscribing to Birchbox this month and it is so fun! I loved the anticipation of opening my box to find things that I wouldn't normally go out looking for on my own! By the way, I also got the Birchbox Man subscription for my man (duh) and he thought it was cool too! We're pumped to see what our November boxes bring!

7. BaubleBar Buried Baubles
I have found my new favorite jewelry pieces at Bauble Bar! The best part? They offer "Buried Baubles" every week which are select pieces that are on sale for only 24 hours! Yay! Sign up to receive emails from them, and you'll get a notification via email with a hint at what the Buried Bauble is and just search the site until you find it! So fun! The pieces start as low as only $10 (FREE SHIPPING)! What a great little treat every once in a while...or every week for those of you with "that" problem like me(;

8. Music: V, Maroon 5
This isn't only a favorite for October, but whatever. I pre-ordered this album not only because I have a slight, tiny, very minuscule (HUGE) obsession with Adam Levine and his beautiful voice, but also because it is SOOOOO GOOD! Can't. Stop. Listening. ...& dancing. (I also got early access to tour tickets by pre-ordering. Shhh!) One of my favorite songs (I can't TRULY choose a favorite): Unkiss Me.

9. TV Show: The Voice
Ok, so maybe I started watching the show for the same reason I discussed favorite number 8^^ (ahem..cough..Adam)  But really, I'm loving this season! My faves include Matt McAndrew, Taylor John Williams, Taylor Phelan, & Luke Wade. 

Well, guys, that about wraps up my October favorites! Be sure to come back to see what I end up loving in November! In the mean time though, if you're new to my blog, check out all my previous posts and be sure to follow me on social media! Stay tuned for my very last minute Halloween costume coming this way on Friday!

Favorites, obsessions, and fab finds,

PS-Wanna know my number one favorite of the month?! A long overdue weekend visit with my momma!(: Love you, mom!

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October 24, 2014

Corey Smith Show

Happy FRIDAY!!(:
Last night, boytoy and I went to a Corey Smith show and had a blast! If you haven't heard of him, you MUST! He's awesome! We loved every minute of the show!

Here's what I wore:

How pretty is this flowy white tunic?! I love the off-the-shoulder neckline and we all know I'm a sucker for over-sized anything! The sleeves are gorgeous too! I have been looking for a top like this ever since I saw a photo on Pinterest years ago of a girl wearing one very similar. I finally stumbled upon this one in the sale section of Altar'd State. Score!

Because the top is so big & flowy [& beautiful], I paired it with skinny jeans to balance me out and the Steve Madden booties I adore from my Dear Mr. Madden post.

I kept jewelry minimal, as usual, with this long pendant necklace and gold stud earrings.

For an extra boho touch, I fishtailed my hair and my look was complete!

^^Here I am showing off my angel wings^^

I carried this little snake skin wristlet that held all my essentials for enjoying an outdoor show: chapstick, face powder, I.D., & debit card. (The only things I actually used last night: I.D. & chapstick.)

Tunic: elan (Altar'd State) *similar (this is the closest I could find!)
Jeans: American Eagle *similar
Booties: Steve Madden (DSW) *similar
Bracelet: Bauble Bar *similar

Live music, southern drawls, & excess fabric,

PS-Here are a few photos from the show!

Also, if you're wondering, boytoy wore a black v-neck, jeans, & gray Chucks. (;

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October 22, 2014

Looking Back: Oscar de la Renta

As you may or may not know, this week is a sad one for the fashion world. One of the greatest has passed away at age 82 on Monday, Oscar de la Renta. He was truly an exquisite master of design and will forever be one of fashion's most treasured artists. Today, to honor Mr. de la Renta, we are looking at some of his pieces that rank high on my list of favorites.

Photo Source: miss info

Spring 2012
Photo Source: Elle.com

This bohemian gown is to die for. The off-the-shoulder neckline and semi-sheer white fabric could not be more gorgeous on this tiered gown. Boy, what I'd do to get my hands on this masterpiece!

Spring 2012
Photo Source: Style Bistro

Hello FABULOUS! The detailed bodice on this piece is beyond! So delicate and beautiful in pattern and so bold and fierce in black! And the mastermind that de la Renta had to be to pair it with the voluminous skirt, be still my heart!

Spring 2013
Photo Source: Elle.com

Way to make a pant set GORG, Oscar! This beaded pair is in a category of its own! I can't get enough!

Pre-Fall 2013
Photo Source: Elle.com

Can we talk about this metallic fringe?! I mean, what girl wouldn't love to don this number any day of the week?!

Fall 2013
Photo Source: Style Bistro

This amazing black gown is hard to top because of the intricate detailing! So pretty..and fierce!!

Zooey Deschanel: 70th Golden Globe Awards 2013
Photo Source: Elle.com

How fab does Zooey look in this red hot gown?! The sweetheart neckline will forever be my favorite! Not to mention the perfectly flattering shape of a fit bodice with a flared, voluminous skirt!

Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore May 2014
Photo Source: Elle.com

Lastly, I can't tell you how much I love this delicate gown. The detailing is beautifully feminine and just the right shade of baby pink. Accented with gold, this piece is gorgeously detailed.

Fabulous gowns, forever an icon, Oscar de la Renta,

PS-I'd love to see your favorites from the wonderful Oscar de la Renta. Leave links to your faves in the comments section so we can talk more about the man behind the gowns.

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October 20, 2014

Fall Florals

These floral bell bottoms are quite possibly my favorite purchase of the season so far.
The floral is perfect for fall because of the deeper color scheme. I can't help myself when it comes to a great pair of bells. These are so comfortable and fit so well!

They are made of a stretchy knit fabric that clings in all the right places making them super flattering.

I threw on this over sized cream top that picks up the cream color in the pants beautifully.

This scarf pulled out little hints of burgundy in the pants and upped the fall-factor of this look.

Because the pants are so long on me, I had to pair them with sky-high wedges! The shoes add even more length to my legs!

Top: Forever21 *similar
Pants: Show Me Your Mumu (sold out at Heart and Soul Boutique) *similar
Scarf: Lulu's *similar
Wedges: Qupid (Apricot Lane Boutique) *similar

Floral fun, cozy scarves, and funky pants,

PS-Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook what your favorite Fall purchase has been so far this season!

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October 17, 2014

Dear Mr. Madden

Dear Mr. [Steve] Madden, I love you for making these boots. Love, Brittani

Seriously! How cute are these chunky heeled booties?! I love them! And they are soooo comfortable to walk in. We all know I'm the clumsiest person in the world and I have to try pretty hard to stay on my feet when I'm in heels, but these are so easy for me to move around in! 

Can we talk about this pretty little top for a second? I love love love the crochet sleeves!! The color is perfect for fall, too!

I'm wearing skinnies for this outfit for the sole purpose of showing off these perfect boots. I went with a dark wash to really keep the bold fall look going.

These bronze medallion earrings bring a boho feeling to this look that I really like.

Check out the bottom of these shoes! They are gripped so they aren't at all slippery! Nothing's worse than slippery soled shoes! Well there are worse things, but you get what I'm saying.

Top: B Sharp (Roe Blvd.) *similar
Earrings: Forever21 *similar
Boots: Steve Madden (DSW) *similar

Shoe heaven, clumsy feet, and fluttery sleeves,

PS-Be sure to like me on Facebook to keep up with me! The link is below!

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