October 19, 2015


Happy Monday, ya'll! If you're reading this any time between Monday, October 19 and Wednesday, October 21, I'll be soaking up some sun on the deck of the Royal Oasis cruise ship and enjoying every minute of it! (;
Don't worry, I'm taking plenty of photos and will, of course, post a recap of my adventures to the Bahamas!
But first things first! Here's what I'm taking with me!

My packing system is simple. I place each look in its entirety into a plastic bag. Clothing, undergarments, accessories, etc. Everything goes into the plastic bag, which is then placed in my suitcase. This way, everything I need for the look can be at my fingertips by just grabbing the bag. It might seem a little obsessive, but I'll be glad I took the time to stay organized when I'm in a hurry to get ready on the ship.

I plan to attend one formal dinner on the cruise, so I am only bringing one special occasion look, but some lines offer a few formal nights, so check to make sure how many snazzy outfits you really need.

I also plan on attending a few of the amazing shows offered on board, so I'm bringing outfits for those, as well.

My casual day looks consist of shorts and tank tops that are easy to throw on and comfortable enough to do some exploring in whether it's the ship I'm checking out or the island when we dock.

Swimsuits and cover-ups are an obvious necessity on a cruise, so no need for explanation there. Just be sure to bring enough so that you always have a dry one on hand. No one likes to put on a wet swimsuit.

I'm bringing my usual makeup (plus waterproof mascara, just in case). Be sure to pack glass bottles carefully, as the airlines aren't great about handling luggage with care.

I don't ever require much as far as hair goes, so my products include hairspray, a flat iron, bobby pins, and hair ties.

The usual hygeine products are necessary. I bought little travel size versions so that I don't weigh my luggage down much and so that I'm not lugging around huge bottles of shampoo and body wash. Also, don't forget a razor. No one wants to see your prickly legs when your sporting your bikini.

Carry On Items:
I'm using my beach bag as my carry on for efficiency. Our flight shouldn't be very long, so I'm only bringing a few things. I'll have my camera with me, because I need to protect that precious baby. A book or a couple of magazines will keep me occupied during the flight. I'm also going to pack a change of clothes in my carry-on because, well, you never know.

And there you have it. This is my general list of what I'll have with me for a few days of peaceful cruising. I hope you find this list helpful if you're ever in the mood to set sail!

PS-Stay tuned for loads of pictures in my Cruise Recap post coming within the next couple of weeks!

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