October 28, 2015


Day 3 was when we docked at Nassau, Bahamas!<3
The most eventful day.

Everything is so colorful!

We ended up decided to tour the island with a local and it was the best decision we could have made! Our guide, Marco, was so much fun and so knowledgable about the island's history as well as the current state. If you're ever in Nassau, check out Marco Polo Tours Bahamas (Facebook page)...you won't regret it!

Pretty pale blue water...

Can you tell how windy it was?! So. Much. Wind.

Fort Fincastle

I, obviously, had to do a little shopping.

The Queen's Staircase was my favorite part of the tour. Read up on it if you're a history buff!

Our whole tour group...

We stopped at a local rum cake shop and got to try out a few different cakes...delicious.

Atlantis was my second favorite part of the tour! It's gorgeous! Ready to learn how nerdy my sister and I are? We owned every single Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie...does Holiday in the Sun ring a bell? We totes geeked out over seeing all the movie spots in real life! Love it!


Pretend gambling, because I'd rather spend my money on clothes, duh.

She was faking too.

Million dollar sculpture apparently...

Brittani: "Ok. Here's the plan. We're going to get on that thing upside down."
Lexi: "What? Are you serious?"
Brittani: "So. Serious."

Ok...here it goes.

The line of about 50 people behind us were amused.

Then my dad had to make a quick phone call.

Night number 3 was full of fun with this pretty girl!
She wanted Lexi to show her how to do the "sorority pose".
Good job, ladies.

My turn to teach the "hand on the hip" pose.

Day 3 was, by far, the best of all! I had a blast! Send me back!

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