November 5, 2014

A Day in the Life

I always find it interesting to see what people do on any ordinary day. An established routine maybe, a hectic, unorganized series of events, or anything in between. So today, I'm letting you in on a normal weekday in my life.

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5:45-6:45am: Hit snooze until I finally force myself out of bed.
6:45-7:45am: Feed my furbabies and get myself ready for work. I usually already have my outfit planned and hanging on my bathroom door.
7:45am: Head to the office.
8:00am-5:00pm: Work work work. I usually have time to work on blog things or personal things (such as plan my life in my planner that goes everywhere with me) in between tasks at work unless I am super busy which has been the theme lately.
5:00pm: Leave the office and run any errands I may have. I usually don't have many errands to run during the week. I save them for the weekend.
5:15pm: I usually get home from work about this time, check my mailbox, take off every piece of jewelry I'm wearing, and throw some laundry in the washer.
I head to my closet to plan tomorrow's outfit. Everything down to the jewelry will be hanging on my bathroom door waiting for the next morning.
Once tomorrow's outfit is prepared, I shower/bathe, run through my entire skincare routine, and get comfy in my PJ's for the evening.
When I'm nice and clean, I start thinking about dinner. I'm not fancy with dinner. Spaghetti from a jar, soup from a can. I'm working on getting better at meal prep, but I'm just no good at cooking, nor do I enjoy it.
7:00pm: By 7 o'clock, I'm ready to watch whatever is playing on TV that night. My favorites are The Voice and Sons of Anarchy. Those are really the only shows I watch regularly. While watching TV, I usually think about what's next for my blog or things I need to do the next day (again with my planner). I'll also fold laundry or do a few chores during commercial breaks.
9:00-10:00pm: I'm usually in bed between 9 and 10 o'clock. I'm an old lady, I know, but a girl needs her rest! I watch Netflix or scroll through social media (or both) until I fall asleep which usually doesn't take longer than an hour or so.

The next day, I start again! I'm a creature of habit. Routine is the key to my sanity. Although, every now and then, I do enjoy a day of spontaneity.

I hope this wasn't too boring, but there you have it(:

Happy Wednesday, Happy Hump Day, Where is Friday?

PS-I'd love to know what a day in your life is like, so leave links in the comments below!

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