November 26, 2014

November Lady Favorites

Well, it's that time again...favorites time! Here are a few of my favorite things from November!

1. Caress Daily Silk Body Wash in White Peach and Silky Orange Blossom: I love this purely for the scent. It smells like fresh soap! Haha! I know I sound crazy, but hear me out: I get tired of scents quickly when it comes to body wash. I don't like perfumey scents of florals or fruits because I get bored with them. This scent is perfect for me. I like that it's not super strong but it's still a clean smelling body wash. What more can I ask for?

2. Salon Grafix Play it BIG Volumizing Dry Shampoo in Brown: This stuff! It's amazing! My favorite dry shampoo by far! I've tried plenty. I either can't stand the scent of them or they leave my hair looking rather gray because of the white color of the product. This one is perfect! The scent isn't super strong, in my opinion, and because of the brown color, my hair stays looking it's usual brunette shade. I use it even in clean hair because it provides amazing volume, too! Highly recommend!

3. Forever21 Ribbed Cowl Neck Sweater in every color: Ok! I have this sweater in 2 colors: tan and red. The red one isn't a color option online, unfortunately, but I had a hard time not buying the navy and cream colors as well. I love that the sweater is long and basic. We all know I love a great cowl neck! Pair this sweater with leather leggings and fun boots and you have an amazing look! (Outfit post to come.)

4. Music: Ed Sheeran: Can we talk about his amazing voice? And his sweet lyrics? Gah! I can't stop listening to Ed Sheeran! Every song is musical perfection. If I had to pick favorites, though, I'd choose Give Me Love and Thinking Out Loud.<3 All day, every day.

5. TV Show: Smash: I'm only a few episodes in on this one, but I'm really loving it so far. I love Katherine McPhee<3 She's super gorgeous and her voice is AMAZE! Smash is such a fun watch!

6. Pinterest Hair Tutorials: I am no hair stylist. I'm terrible actually, we all know that. I've been obsessed with hair boards on Pinterest. Practice makes perfect, right?!

7. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner: This series! OMG ya'll! So good! Ok, let me stop using fragments as sentences. I could not put the first three books down! I, literally, had a book in my hand nonstop for an entire week and a half. Way to keep me on the edge of my seat, James Dashner. I mean, if you like dystopian themes like The Hunger Games or the Divergent series, then this is one you should consider. I held out on seeing the movie until I read the book. Yes, I'm one of those people. But I can't wait to see it!

8. Lace Up Wedge Booties in Black: My boss is tired of seeing these shoes on my feet. Haha! He says, "those again?!" I just really like them! Although this pair isn't the exact pair that I have (I got mine a year ago and they are no longer available), the only difference is the cuff. You guys know that when I get obsessed with something (usually shoes) I wear them until I'm sick of them. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of these beauties, though.

Obsessions, loves, and Lady favorites,

PS-Let me know what your November favorites are in the comments section! I'm always up for trying new products!

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