July 27, 2015


Hey party people! Today, I'm teaming up with Warby Parker to show you how I #seesummerbetter in their amazing sunglasses! I may not be doing a whole lot of traveling, but I'm still having a nice summer! Here's how I spend my free time!

July 24, 2015


At around 7:30PM last night, my college town was struck with devastating tragedy as a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater I spent many nights at. The shooter killed 3 including himself, and injured several more locals in the place I still call home. It is with a heavy heart that I bring this topic to my otherwise cheerful, bubbly blog. As our community comes closer together during this time of confusion and fear, my prayer is that all of these tragic events come to an end soon. That we rely on our Savior to guide us through what is now a very scary world to live in. We cannot live in fear.

"He will be our peace." Micah 5:5

July 20, 2015


Happy Monday! What's the best part about Monday's? My weekly blog post going live! Duh!

July 13, 2015


A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to a fab little boutique in my hometown called Sisters. Well, I'm back with Part TWO of my Sisters looks and this one stars my own little sister, Lexi, again! How many times can I say "sister(s)" in one post?

July 6, 2015


It's always difficult to get back to business on Monday morning, but when you've had an extra long weekend, it's even more difficult...or is it just me? Annnyyywayyyy, Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen! This week's look is a casual one...most of my looks are.