June 30, 2015


 Last weekend, I had the pleasure of popping into a great boutique in my home town and styling my pretty baby sister with a few of the awesome pieces in the store! Sisters is owned and run by Mrs. Angela Courtois who was the sweetest, most helpful lady anyone could ask for! Her shop is full of unique displays and one-of-a-kind props that make her shop different from the rest. And, of course, she's got some really great pieces from amazing brands!

June 22, 2015


In honor of Father's Day, my fabulous little sister came up to visit my dad and I for the weekend! We're two peas in a pod, so any time we get to spend with each other is always a good time. We went to see my cousin's band, Quiet District, play in a nearby town and had a blast.

June 17, 2015


I'm not one to get my nails professionally done all that often. I, honestly, can't remember the last time I went to a salon for a mani. I enjoy it and all, but why drive to a salon and pay to get my nails done, when I can stay at home in my pj's and do them myself while binge watching episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix all day? No reason. No reason at all.

My top 10 nail colors for summer:

June 8, 2015

70's Style Icon:Olivia Newton John

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; the 1970's has been a long time front runner for the title of my favorite fashion era. Today, we're talking about, English babe, Olivia Newton John, particularly, her ensemble in the photo below. 

Photo source: Pop Music Library

What I love about this look from her is the mix of chunky accessories (i.e. her belt and platform boots) with a casual t-shirt, shorts, vest combo. 70's glamour and 60's minimalism all in the same look.

Today, I'm helping you to recreate her look with pieces you can find now!

Start with a basic, olive colored, long sleeved top. This one is updated a tad bit because of the cropped hemline.

A pair of denim shorts is next on the list. Olivia's are super short, but stick with whatever's comfortable for you.

Part of what makes me love this look so much is the long plaid vest. Any print will work here, since the rest of the look is solid, so have fun with it! The two below are great options.

Cotton On                                         Forever21

Olivia's boots scream 60s and 70s. A gray boot with a chunky heel will give a similar effect to your look. If it's too hot to wear a knee high boot where you are, go for an ankle boot!

My favorite part of her look is her belt. I think it's such a fun statement piece. Add the same type of statement to your look with a toned down chain belt like this one, or the many others on the market right now!

Complete your look with a long, gold necklace, and you're good to groove! Haha! Sorry for the cheesiness, but you know you love it as much as I do!

There's something so fun about recreating an amazing look from the past! What is your favorite fashion decade to pull inspiration from? Let me know in the comments!

Peace, love, and Olivia,

PS- Check out my post for SBmag.net on metallic temporary tattoos! And bookmark the website to see more posts from me there!

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June 1, 2015

My Closet Top 10: Necklaces

My favorite way to accessorize is with jewelry, so today, I'm bringing you the ten necklaces in my collection that make my heart skip a beat or thirty.

What do most of these necklaces have in common? A bohemian, easy-going, throw-it-on-and-go vibe. Aside from the two, small, dainty necklaces, these all make a big impact on an outfit which makes it easy to style them. Pair any of these beauties with a plain t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and you've got a simple, yet still stylish look.

I tend to lean toward longer styles, but I love these two shorter statement necklaces just as much. They look great with both scoop neck tops and v-necks!

I use these delicate pieces to layer! I love love LOVE layering necklaces. I never take the gold one off, even when I wear silver. Mixing metals is easy when you have a thin chain necklace like these. The silver one is both beautiful and holds sentimental value, as it was a gift from the love of my life. (;

Top left: Bauble Bar *similar || Bottom left: Gift *similar || Blue druzy: Runway Seven Boutique *similar || Rhinestoned tassel: Lulu's *similar || Dreamcatcher: Runway Seven Boutique *similar || Clear crystal: Runway Seven Boutique *similar || Coral and gold bib: Runway Seven Boutique *similar || Silver tribal: Altar'd State *similar || Horn pendant: Aldo Accessories *similar || Silver fringe: Forever21 *similar

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Druzy, crystal, and fringe,

PS-Stay tuned for more My Closet Top 10 posts!

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