June 17, 2015


I'm not one to get my nails professionally done all that often. I, honestly, can't remember the last time I went to a salon for a mani. I enjoy it and all, but why drive to a salon and pay to get my nails done, when I can stay at home in my pj's and do them myself while binge watching episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix all day? No reason. No reason at all.

My top 10 nail colors for summer:

Left to right:
Essie: Fashion Playground-This mint green shade is perfect for a less bold but still colorful look. This is also the only color on the list with a hint of shimmer. I mostly like creme nail colors, but this one is too pretty to skip.

OPI: Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It-I don't ever really go for true red colors. I prefer more of an orangey-red. This one is my favorite, obvs.

Essie: Sand Tropez-More times than not, I go for neutral nails. They go with every outfit! This color is my perfect nude. I like it because it's not super obvious when the paint starts to chip, so I can go an extra day between mani's. #lazygirlprobs

China Glaze: Recycle-Again with the neutrals. I love a great charcoal gray nail and this color won't disappoint.

Essie: Blanc-I only wear white nails when I'm sporting a nice tan, which has not been the case lately. Nonetheless, any white will do. I just have a slight Essie obsession, so you know...whatevs.

OPI: Coney Island Cotton Candy-This one is still considered a neutral in my book. It's not completely opaque with one or two coats, but I like that sometimes. It's my top contender for my wedding day nails, fyi.

Essie: Find Me an Oasis-I love that this blue color is so light that it's almost white. I rhymed, just sayin. Anyway, it's fresh and pretty. I like it.

OPI: You're Such a Budapest-This light lilac color is probably the closest I'll come to purple nails.

Essie: Peach Daiquiri-I usually only wear hot pink colors on my toes, and not very often at that, but this is my go-to when I'm in a hot pink mood.

OPI: Black Onyx-Black for summer? Yes. Just yes. Always.

So, there you have it. My top ten summer nail colors, at least for now. I'm sure you've noticed a brand pattern going on here. I like the Essie bottles and the OPI brushes. I have this weird obsession with my bottles matching, so I don't really stray from Essie, China Glaze, and OPI much. OCD? No, not at all(:

Tips, toes, and black nails all year round,

PS-What are your favorites? NEED. ALL. THE. NAIL. POLISH!!

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  1. I have no talent for nails, so I do go to salons...but I betcha know what my fav color is> LoL...But , I do change things up each month for toes & fingers... Love ya; Hugs!