October 29, 2014

OCTOBER Favorites

It's favorites time!! I'm not sure why I haven't done a favorites post until now, but I think we all know it's about time I started talking about them so HERE WE GO!

1 & 2 definitely go hand-in-hand. I use them every morning and every night. I use everything in the starter kit except the oil control mattifier because my skin will get super duper dry if I use that and I can NOT deal with dry skin. I can't stand it! The rest of the products do wonders for my sensitive skin though. I got this kit when I had a terrible breakout all over my face. I have had skin issues since I started college. I graduated 2 years ago, so it's about time I found something to cure this problem, right? Here it is, people! I'm not saying it'll work for everyone, but it works pretty darn well for me. I use a moisturizer to keep the previously mentioned dry skin at bay, but I'm still deciding on my favorite, so sit tight for now.

I love love love this color for Fall! It's the perfect deep berry shade. I've painted and repainted my nails this color all month! I'm pretty sure I only used one other color this month and I quickly reverted back to this gorgeous polish!

YOU GUYS! This stuff! It's amazing! I have long, thick hair that takes ages to dry even with my blow dryer on full blast, but I'm convinced this stuff cuts my drying time by at least one-third. Also, the scent is soooo good!

4. YouTube Channel: The Ellen Show
As my family and friends know, I love Ellen DeGeneres's show. She brightens my day with a little laughter all the time! Because I'm at work all day and can't watch from home (I don't have DVR/TiVo/whatever), I subscribe to her channel on YouTube so I can still get my daily doses. She posts basically her entire show in shorter clips here everyday!

Ya'll are going to get so sick of me talking about these shoes! I truly do love them though! See them in these posts: Corey Smith Show & Dear Mr. Madden ...I will say no more.

I finally got around to subscribing to Birchbox this month and it is so fun! I loved the anticipation of opening my box to find things that I wouldn't normally go out looking for on my own! By the way, I also got the Birchbox Man subscription for my man (duh) and he thought it was cool too! We're pumped to see what our November boxes bring!

7. BaubleBar Buried Baubles
I have found my new favorite jewelry pieces at Bauble Bar! The best part? They offer "Buried Baubles" every week which are select pieces that are on sale for only 24 hours! Yay! Sign up to receive emails from them, and you'll get a notification via email with a hint at what the Buried Bauble is and just search the site until you find it! So fun! The pieces start as low as only $10 (FREE SHIPPING)! What a great little treat every once in a while...or every week for those of you with "that" problem like me(;

8. Music: V, Maroon 5
This isn't only a favorite for October, but whatever. I pre-ordered this album not only because I have a slight, tiny, very minuscule (HUGE) obsession with Adam Levine and his beautiful voice, but also because it is SOOOOO GOOD! Can't. Stop. Listening. ...& dancing. (I also got early access to tour tickets by pre-ordering. Shhh!) One of my favorite songs (I can't TRULY choose a favorite): Unkiss Me.

9. TV Show: The Voice
Ok, so maybe I started watching the show for the same reason I discussed favorite number 8^^ (ahem..cough..Adam)  But really, I'm loving this season! My faves include Matt McAndrew, Taylor John Williams, Taylor Phelan, & Luke Wade. 

Well, guys, that about wraps up my October favorites! Be sure to come back to see what I end up loving in November! In the mean time though, if you're new to my blog, check out all my previous posts and be sure to follow me on social media! Stay tuned for my very last minute Halloween costume coming this way on Friday!

Favorites, obsessions, and fab finds,

PS-Wanna know my number one favorite of the month?! A long overdue weekend visit with my momma!(: Love you, mom!

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