April 14, 2017

LipSense c/o Kissable Lips by Kelsie

Here's the thing about me and makeup: we have a love/hate relationship. I love makeup, but I'm really no good at applying it or remembering to re-apply things like lipstick/gloss. When Kelsie from Kissable Lips by Kelsie contacted me about her product, I was intrigued. Lipstick that lasts all day without having to re-apply? I'm down to try that.

This stuff is no joke, ya'll. It literally lasts forever on your lips! Kelsie sent me the LipSense color "Brick" and the clear gloss to put over it. I normally would not have chosen this color for myself as I'm more of a blend in with a nude or brownish color and chill rather than a bold color like this one, but I was down to give it a go.

Although I drink too much caffeine to actually apply it as pretty as Kelsie does (hello, shakey hands), the application is fairly simple. You apply three layers and then if you want to, you can put gloss over it. The photo above is without gloss, and the one below is with gloss. I prefer a matte look so I wouldn't likely use the gloss much, but it does help if you can't take dry lips. I would just use my usual Nivea Milk & Honey lip balm over it myself which is fine since this stuff DOES NOT BUDGE.

Overall, I was really impressed with the lasting power of this lip color. I would love to try it in a color that I'm more used to like "Nude" or "Praline Rose"! I love how Kelsie mixes different colors to achieve whatever look she's going for! Check out her Facebook group to see the awesome colors she comes up with. Maybe I'll venture more into bold colors too, you never know!

Huge thanks to Kelsie at Kissable Lips by Kelsie for sending this cool product my way!
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Kissable Lips by Kelsie
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Facebook Group - Kissable Lips by Kelsie

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