July 25, 2014

Quick Change Romper

What's easier to throw on in a hurry than a romper? Slip into this go-to piece, add an oversized elastic belt, and a pair of flats, and head out the door. It really is the ideal garment for a quick costume change.

 This olive green, one-shouldered romper is dangerous territory when it comes to figure-flattering options. The excess fabric can be overwhelming on the body and can create a paper bag resemblence.
For this reason, it's important to cinch the waist with a belt.

 This one is great for doing just that. The wide elastic belt is perfect for creating that hourglass shape over an, otherwise, overwhelming romper. I love the neutral color of this, as well as the gold detailing.

I slid this feather bangle around my arm as an easy accessory. I love how dainty it is in comparison to the thick elastic belt.
 Lastly, these ballet flats are the perfect color to go along with the belt.

Romper: BETTER B. (Modish Posh Boutique) *similar
Belt: Body Central *similar
Bracelet: Francesca's Collections *similar
Flats: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) *similar

Next time you're rushing out the door, remember that this four-piece ensemble will look both effortless and put-together even under a restricted time-frame.

Flash sales, shopping bags, and clothing racks,

PS-Do any of you watch Big Brother on CBS? I'm obsessed! #teamnicole

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