July 18, 2014

Feelin' Fancy

Some days, you just need an amazing sequined piece to add that extra glamour to a look. Let's be honest, I'm always down to rock a sequin. Some may say, "Save it for the holidays.", but I say, "Why not all year round?!" Why keep these beautiful, shimmering flecks of happiness tucked away? Let's get them out and show them off! 

These shorts are the perfect way to brighten your day. They're sequined, tribal, and full of bright color. I mean, if this is not the perfect way to pull off all these styles at once, I don't know what is! The shorts have a hint of blue in them, so I paired them with this royal blue chiffon top to bring that out a little more. 

  The oversized necklace I'm wearing adds another touch of glamour to the outfit. Lastly, my shoes are silver, glitter flats...I know it may seem that I've gone overboard on the whole "sparkle and shine" thing, but this works because none of the pieces overpower or clash with the others. They are subtle enough to work together and are different enough to be just a little funky. I'm quite happy with this outfit, I must say!

Top: TOBI *similar
Shorts: Umgee USA (Couture Cosmetics Boutique and Salon) *similar
Flats: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) *similar
Necklace: Charlotte Russe *similar

Butterflies, daisies, & bubbles,

PS-Last, but certainly not least, here's Bootsie's blog debut! She's an old lady (about 15 years old), and such a sweetheart!

You can meet my puppy, Jack, here on my Who's that Lady? page...& you can meet my other kitty, Olive, on my I Spy Crochet post!
I've got quite the zoo, don't I?! But I do love them all(:

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