January 6, 2016

My Netflix Top 5

I'm not afraid to admit that I am a Netflix junkie. And I like those suck you in and never let you go till you've watched all 132 episodes types. I'm not the cool documentary girl or the interesting independent film girl. I like those just fine, but I'm the completely unrealistic high school drama girl. The yeah right, that would never happen emergency room miracle girl. The no crime goes unsolved girl. That's the good stuff right there. Here are my top five TV shows on Netflix...at least for now...

In no particular order,

1. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS-Two words: TIM RIGGINSSSSSS! Ok, really though, Tim. OMG Riggins. No, seriously, it took a few episodes to really get me sucked into this show, but boy did it suck me in. It sucked my mom in too! Coach Taylor and Tami are the ultimate southern dream couple, Jason Street is a roller coaster of tugs on your heartstrings, and have I mentioned TIM RIGGINSSS?!

2. GREY'S ANATOMY-McDreamy, McSteamy, and Avery! OH MY! Drama left and right...this is an obvious top 5 winner. You've heard everything there is to hear about Grey's, so I won't go blabbering, but if you haven't watched it, do it. Now. No, like really, go watch all 245 episodes currently on Netflix. You've got one week. Jusstttt kiddingggg.

3. ONE TREE HILL-Nine seasons of tears, laughter, and wanting to punch several people in the face. It can't get much more dramatic than One Tree Hill.

4. PARENTHOOD-The semi-realistic family that fights like nobody's business but stays together through it all no matter what. I've watched this entire series at least 3 times beginning to end.

5. HAWAII FIVE-0-I have a strong desire to be Kona when I grow up. Watch the show, and you'll see why. She's a badass beauty that packs a punch. And McGarrett isn't so bad to look at either. (;

Ok, did you really think I could narrow it down to just five? Me neither! Here are a few more because I can't help it.

6. GOSSIP GIRL-I own every season on DVD, but lucky for you, they're all on Netflix. I've watched this one through and through more times than any other show, for obvious (fashion) reasons. I can recite the lines like I belong in the cast. Serena Van der Woodsen is my spirit animal. Don't get me started on Nate Archibald.

7. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES-Whether you're #teamdamon (ME!) or #teamstefan, VD needs to be added to your list asap. Let's take a moment to think about how badly we'd all like to be bitten, shall we?

Here are a few more that I'd love to spend time talking about, but can't because this post would be entirely too long...

8. 90210
9. Pretty Little Liars
10. The Carrie Diaries
11. Hart of Dixie
12. Criminal Minds
13. Dallas
14. Gilmore Girls, obvs
15. The 100
16. Scandal
17. The Arrow
18. The Flash
19. Beauty and the Beast
20. Saved by the Bell-because seriously...who isn't still in love with Zack Morris?

Ok, guys, I promise I do have a life. Netflix is just my background noise...right?

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