January 15, 2016

3 Favorite Things: Fishtails, Houndmouth, & Turtlenecks

Fishtails, Houndmouth, and turtlenecks, oh my!
I can't get enough of these three things at the moment! Here's why...
FISHTAIL BRAIDS-Before I cut my hair, this was my go-to style. I'm no good with hair, but YouTube taught me how to master this braid...along with many other things. My hair is finally getting long enough to break out the braids again and I'm loving every minute of it.

HOUNDMOUTH-This band is folky and fun. I just ordered Little Neon Limelight on vinyl and I'm waiting [im]patiently for it to arrive. My favorite song at the moment is Honey Slider, but that changes like every two seconds.

TURTLENECKS-We all know I despise cold weather, but alas, I have not found anyone but God who can control it and He insists on bringing winter into my life for a few months out of every year, so I'm turning to turtlenecks to keep me warm and stylish this season. I've collected several over the past few months and I am wearing them out, ya'll. #gimmealltheturtlenecks


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