August 15, 2014

Amp It Up

For all you "jeans-and-tshirt" kinda girls out there, here's a great way to "Amp It Up" a bit!

This comfy gray v-neck compliments the faded olive green of these denim cropped pants.
It's a pretty neutral look and I love that about it. 

These cute straw wedges add length to my legs which I need when wearing cropped pants.
The turquoise necklace adds just one pop of color to this very earth-toned outfit. I like that the necklace itself is quite subtle, but because everything else in the look is so toned-down, the blue really pops!

Top & Pants: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) *similar & similar
Wedges: cityclassified ( *similar
Necklace: Forever21 *similar

90 degree weather, rainy mornings, and sunny afternoons,

PS-I did hug this tree...I am not a treehugger.


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    1. Thanks AJ!!(: I'm still getting used to walking in heels!! I've got the balance of a 1 year old! Haha!