August 4, 2014


 How adorable is this romper?! I'm in love! The print on this piece is so cute! The top of the romper is completely floral, while the bottom has these interesting stripes going through it. These details do a great job of differentiating the top from the bottom while still remaining one cohesive piece.

 It's not very often that you find a cute romper with three-quarter length sleeves like this one! And the fabric is thin enough to be breathable in the Louisiana heat while still remaining completely opaque. The v-neck is also super flattering because it elongates the neck creating a longer line on the body. The clear blue gems dangling from my neck are the perfect accessory to compliment my outfit.

I decided to pair these adorable booties with the romper to bring out the tan tones in the outfit. The heel adds length to the legs when ordinarily a boot of this height can cut off the leg.

This romper looks good coming and going!

"One more picture, Britt."
*awkward pose*

Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters *similar

Florals, stripes, and gems,

PS-The face below is due to 100 degree weather. If you can't take the heat, get out of...Louisiana?

Friday Frills

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