August 1, 2014

1 Dress, 3 Looks: Maxi

 Who says you can't wear the same thing...thrice?? Here are 3 ways to style one simple maxi dress!
In my first example, I threw this kimono and statement necklace on with it. Easy as pie!

Here, I topped the dress off with this sheer leopard print button-down. Maxi dress to maxi skirt in one   simple step!

I used this cool cocktail ring as my only accessory for this look.

I'm quite impressed with my third and final look. I pulled this black banded maxi skirt on over the dress and I love how it looks! If dress number 1 is form-fitting enough, you can easily top it with a long, flawy skirt to change up the look.

This silver locket-style necklace was the final piece to the puzzle here.

That was easy, wasn't it?! 

Red Maxi: Forever21 *similar
Crochet Kimono: Rue21 *similar
Silver Fringe Necklace: Forever21 *similar
Leopard Print Button-down: BLVD Connection (Apricot Lane Boutique) *similar
Cheetah Ring: Forever21 *similar
Black Maxi Skirt: Charlotte Russe *similar
Silver Locket Necklace: Forever21 *similar

Curls, twirls, and squirrels,

PS-I'll be turning this little "1 Dress, 3 Looks" idea into a regular post. Follow me to keep up with all my ideas!

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