August 22, 2014

Let's hear it for Fall!

There's no doubt that Summer is my absolute favorite season, but this Louisiana heat has got me sweating for some nice, cool Fall weather. I'm getting entirely too excited about all the amazing Fall trends we've seen gracing the runways this year. In honor of the upcoming Fall season, here are a few of my favorite trends to look forward to this year (in no particular order):

1. Robe coats-slinky, less structured jackets and coats I love a good, structured jacket that nips in at all the right places, but let's be honest, what's better than wrapping yourself up in a huge cozy...well, anything. Be it a jacket, a coat, a sweater...I can't wait to cuddle up in all of the above. 

2. Helloooooo, 1960's! This iconic decade will always, always, always be remembered for mod mini skirts and knee-high boots! Guess what!! They're baaackk! I couldn't be more excited to throw on that summer mini with tights and a pair of thigh-grazing boots! Always chic. Always.

3. Knit everything- tops (of course), but let's not forget bottoms Picture this: it's grocery! This season, we're skipping the sweats and throwing on that equally comfy pair of chunky knit pants! Whaaat?! YES, KNIT PANTS!

Marc Jacobs

4. Oversized sweaters, blouses, jackets, etc. There's just something about a huge sweater with adorable riding boots and a fab scarf. Comfy, cute, takes care of all three C's!

Isabel Marant

5. Extreme turtlenecks I love a great turtleneck. They just add that extra posh vibe! An extreme, chunky turtleneck with a pair of opaque black sunnies screams GLAMOROUS!

Ralph Lauren

6. Dusters We're not talking Swiffer here, people. We're talking long, almost floor-grazing cardigans and jackets. I can't wait to don an all black outfit topped with an amazing detailed duster. Hey, 1970's, I'm so happy to see you!

Marco de Vincenzo

7. All over sparkle What girl doesn't love anything sparkly? This is the season of "all things sparkle and shine"! Yayayayaya! Sequined tops paired with sequined leggings, sequined dresses, beaded jackets, beaded bags....EVERYTHING shines!!!

Marc Jacobs

8. Flora meets fauna in deep Fall hues We're bringing Spring and Summer's florals into Fall again this year by changing the color scheme! Switch out those neons for bold, dark shades and we're all set. I can't wait to rock this look!

Bye bye 102 degree days, helloooo 60 and 70 degree days!

Chunky knits, black denim, and shiny sequins,

PS-Have you started updating your Fall wardrobe yet? Let me know what you're on the hunt for in the comments section!


  1. This post has me all excited for fall! I love Dusters, the 1960's look, and over sized coats! Such great looks for this upcoming fall!