January 29, 2015

Lady Stands Up: Amour Propre

I'd like to talk a little about something serious today: bullying. I was recently contacted by Calvin Rafah, the CEO of a clothing company called Amour Propre who's mission is to create awareness of an epic problem in today's world. Amour Propre is an inspiring group that hosts events across the nation to encourage anti-bullying. Although I am thankful that I haven't experienced major bullying, I've fallen victim nonetheless and I know that many others are targeted way too often. No matter the degree, it hurts. We've seen so many instances that have actually made it to national and international news; it's alarming.

^Source: Amour Propre

I'd like to encourage anyone reading this to spread awareness. Let's join the anti-bullying movement and stand up against this widespread issue.

Calvin was nice enough to answer a few questions I had for him in a short interview.

Lady: What inspired you to begin the anti-bullying mission?
CR:I was bullied in grade school because I wore reading glasses, rocked a perfectly shaped bowl hair-do and was a little overweight. I was not athletically gifted and very awkward with girls. So now, I would like to help make a difference in the world we live in so the kids of today don’t have to go through what had  to .

Lady: How long have you been doing this and how has your work changed your life?
CR: For one year now, and yes my work has changed my life. It's made me the person I have always wanted to  become. Someone who lived on this planet and made it a better place.

Lady: What can people like me do to help create change and make progress in an effort to stop bullying?
CR: You can join our movement - We are a clothing line that sparked a anti bullying movement.

Lady: Are there any events going on right now in your company that we can participate in?
CR: Yes, we have Peer Mentor/Internship Programs with students which consists of many different events to help prevent and spread awareness.

Visit amourpro.com for more information.
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