January 30, 2015

January Lady Favorites

Is it just me, or has January flown by like a pigeon with an urgent message? <too weird? Sorry.
But, seriously! January has come and gone in a flash! I know everyone says that, but it's so true!
First off, I'd like to shout-out to both of my parents for January birthdays!
Dad's was January 3rd & Mom's is January 31st (aka tomorrow)!
Happy Birthday to you both! Love ya'll!
Ok, on to my favorites for the month!

Nike Free 5.0 V4 Running Shoes in Black/Metallic Silver/Anthracite
Ok, so ya'll know I've started working on my goal of living a healthier lifestyle this month. These running shoes have been getting me motivated to do this! Well, not my only motivation..that would be wrong..right? Maybe. Anyway, these are so light and comfy! I love wearing them during my workouts and even on days when I'm just running errands. The leopard print isn't super obvious which I really like, too!

I think the Refinery29 Facebook page is so much fun! I simply love the articles! If you're into reading fun, light-hearted articles like I am, you should definitely check this page out!

TV Show: Friends
Ya'll! Where the heck have I been? I now know why so many people are in love with Friends. I've been binge watching episodes on Netflix for weeks now and I am obsessed! I'd like to think I'm a Rachel, but I'm totally a Monica. Haha! I'm on Season 8 and will be super sad when I finish all 10 seasons. Anyone else get like that after finishing an entire series?

I've been eyeing this eyeshadow palette for so long, so when I received a gift card to Ulta for Christmas, I went straight for it! I'm so glad I did because it is BEAUTIFUL! I love every shade so I can't choose a favorite. I've used it every single day since I got it and because there are so many gorgeous neutral shades, I can create soooo many different looks with this one palette! If you don't have this yet, RUN! Don't walk! You need this in your life!

This is the foundation I use for blog photos. I love that it blurs any imperfections I may have so that they are significantly less visible in pictures. See how it looks on me in any of my posts including Pop of Pink. Be sure to set it with a face powder if you decide to try it though! It will slide around if you don't. I'd say it's totally worth the purchase if you are photographed often. I even wear it (some days) when I'm not taking photos because it looks great in person as well.

Looking for some fitspo (fitness inspiration)? This girl is it! She has the most amazing body ever and she seems like such an awesome person from her Instagram and email blasts! I'm itching to try her fitness guides as soon as I can!

This watch had been on my list forever! Like at least a couple of years... I received it as a gift from my boss for Christmas and I am truly loving it! I like that the face is pretty big, but the band is still quite slim. I so needed a silver watch for when I decide to take that route with my jewelry! Can't go wrong with Michael Kors! You can see how I style it in many of my blog posts including Moto Madness.

This sweater is super cozy and comfy! Plus, I love the rust color because I don't have much in my closet in this shade. I like that it's not completely long sleeved because of this crazy Louisiana weather, too! See how I styled it for the blog in my Orange You Glad post! BTW, you can get it for 50% off right now on Tobi.com using the promo code SHOP50! Yay!

Beauty, fashion, and fitness,

PS-Don't forget that Tobi.com code {SHOP50} to get 50% off SITEWIDE right now! Shop til you drop, ladies!

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