August 10, 2015


This week's post is the final installment of the Sisters of New Iberia Boutique Spotlight, and this time, I'm showing you the look I chose for myself from this fab little shop!

What's more chic than head-to-toe chiffon in a two piece set? Not much, if you ask me. This pretty blue and white print screams "day in the Hamptons" to me. Alas, I will not be spending a day in the Hamptons any time soon, but I can dream, can't I?
This pretty, pale pink tassel necklace pops against the blue outfit, and because the print is so bold, and well, so....much, I decided to go without any other accessories. It's perfect on its own.
The great thing about a two piece set is that you can wear the pieces together or separate. I've already worn the top with a pair of flared jeans and the skirt with a plain white t-shirt. LOVE!

Located in downtown New Iberia, LA
104 E. Main St.
Next to Books Along the Teche

Hamptons dreams, bold prints, and mixing & matching,

PS-If you or someone you know owns a local boutique in the area and would like to talk to me about being featured, feel free to email me at! You might be hearing from me anyway though(;

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