February 12, 2016

3 Favorite Things, Minimal Makeup, Target T-shirts, & The Bachelor

You know what Friday calls for...
Another roundup of my three favorite things for the week!

MINIMAL MAKEUP-This week, I've been forgoing the usual eyeshadow, liner, 3 mascara routine and sticking to a minimalist approach to my makeup on workdays. I'm enjoying the extra time each morning and the lighter feel on my face throughout the day. I've been concentrating more on making my skin look good rather than going all out with my eyes and lips.

TARGET T-SHIRTS-I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how much I love these t-shirts from Target in the past, but I just can't get enough of them. I've got one in each neutral color they come in and I'm starting to think I should get a couple more in these same colors just in case they ever stop selling them. Crazy, but necessary. You can check out how I changed up this jeans and t-shirt look Jessica is wearing by clicking here.

THE BACHELOR-Ya'll, I gave up on any hope of liking this TV show years ago. I got so annoyed with the craziness, that I quit watching. This season, my BFF asked if I'd watch it with her so we can text back and forth during the show. A girl bonding thing, if you will. We live 5 hours apart so "watching it with her" is pretty much just watching it at the same time. I've regained enjoyment from The Bachelor during the last six weeks solely due to the fact that it is so much fun to discuss the outrageous things some of these girls come up with. My pick from the beginning was and remains Lauren B if you're curious. Give Lauren B all the roses, Ben Higginsssss!

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Have a fabulous Valentine's Day weekend! 

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