February 19, 2016

3 Favorite Things: About a Boy, Jergens Natural Glow, & WhoWhatWear for Target

First topic of discussion: I've been neglecting The Life of a Lady this week. I'm sorry! I've been overwhelmed with other projects and haven't been able to get photos for my usual posts done so rather than delivering sub par content, I skipped it altogether. Don't hate me! I'm hoping to be back on track next week!

Next topic of discussion: It's FRIDAY! And that means I'm talking about a few of my favorite things this week, so here it goes...

ABOUT A BOY-You guys, I binge watched this show over the course of 2 or 3 days. It is the cutest! It's on Netflix now, but also available on DVD through Amazon and other places I'm sure.

JERGENS NATURAL GLOW-Temperatures are starting to warm up and I've been itching to break out my favorite dresses without having to wear tights underneath. I've used Jergens Natural Glow (medium to tan) for at least 10 years and I will continue to do so until someone pries the tube from my cold dead hands. Morbid, I know, but this stuff is my ghostly pale skin's savior. The only place I sometimes get splotchy is on my hands but I always make sure to wash them well after I use it to avoid a splotch disaster.

WHOWHATWEAR FOR TARGET-If you've never heard of whowhatwear.com, let me introduce you now. Readers, meet WhoWhatWear...WhoWhatWear meet your newest group of website stalkers. WhoWhatWear is the go to website for everything fashion: celeb style, fashion news, shopping guides, you name it. So now that you've got the scoop on who they are, let's talk about their collaboration with my favorite store on the face of the earth, Target. The limited edition line they created for the megastore is beyond perfection and right up my alley when it comes to color schemes (hello black, white, and olive green!). I've linked my top five favorites from the line below. I currently own the v-neck tunic and the skinny cropped pants, but I'm ready to add the other three pieces to my closet before they're out of stock and you should be too!
Bonus...the line comes in plus size too! Can't hate that!

Have a great weekend, pretty people! And I promise I'm working on getting back into my usual posting schedule! Please, still love me.

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