March 23, 2015

Lady Reviews: Dessange VoxBox

I was recently sent a few hair products from Influenster, by a brand that I had never previously heard of: Dessange Paris.
I'm always eager to try new hair products, so I was excited to test these out for ya'll.
First, a little research brought me some information about the brand, itself.
Visit to learn a little about it.

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A little background on my hair:
I got a chance to try this line out on both my long (pre-cut) hair and my new short hair. Before I cut my hair, the ends were a little stringy and dry, but I wouldn't say my hair appeared super damaged. I have been coloring my hair sporadically and using hot tools since I was 15, so over time, that can add up to at least a little damage. I have normal to oily hair, but mostly normal. I have lots and lots of hair too. It's thick, so it sucks up product like nobody's business. Since cutting it, my ends are obviously a lot healthier, but the overall texture (or lack thereof) is the same: smooth and flat.

Now, on to the products:

Shampoo: I'm someone who feels like the more bubbles a shampoo gives me, the more work it's doing. I might be crazy, but I just prefer a rich lather. I don't find that this shampoo really gives me that. Even now that I cut my hair short, I have to use a lot of the product in order to get the lather that I desire, which means that one bottle will likely give me very few washes in comparison to other brands. The product cleans just fine, but because of my personal preferences, I wouldn't purchase this product myself.

Conditioner: I also tend to use oodles and oodles of conditioner to insure I get as much moisture into my ends as possible. I don't have to use nearly as much conditioner from this line as I do shampoo in order to get the results I want. I like the conditioner for both long and short hair.

Oil: I've always used a leave-in treatment in my hair, especially when it was super long. This oil is just that. With my long hair, I used one pump from about where my ears are, all the way to the ends. Now, I use half a pump. I must have used much more the first time I used this product because it left my hair feeling gross. It felt like there was a film or coating over my hair that I did not like one bit. Now that I am using much less, I feel a whole lot better about using this oil in my hair after washing it (when it's still damp). After using this, and once my hair is dry, my hair feels soft and silky. I think this might be my favorite product that I tried out.

Silky strands, lovely locks, and perfect ponytails,

PS-I hope you're enjoying some pretty spring weather where you are! It's been raining on the weekends, so I'm having a hard time shooting outfit photos. Hopefully, I will get some in this week while the sun is out!


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