March 27, 2015

March Lady Favorites

Happy Favorites Day! I've been loving some great things this month and I'm so excited to share them all with you!

  • Kassandra Caged Pumps (Target): I've been loving the shoes that Target is putting out lately, and these are no exception! The platform and chunky heel make them easy to walk in, which is always (ALWAYS ALWAYS) a plus for clumsy old me. I love the heavy style of this sandal! Perfect for pairing with a pair of tight, black skinny jeans or a fun dress!
  • Bleeker Bucket Bag (Free People): This bag is also featured in my Pinch Me post. I'd been hunting for the perfect bucket bag for a while when I saw this one featured in a Youtube video by Kalel Kitten. I immediately put in my order and voila! I'm in love! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's kind of hard to find what I'm looking for in it, but I'm thinking that may be the case with most bags in this style. Fashion over efficiency, always. (;
  • PureSol Konjac Sponge-Activated Charcoal Facial Sponge (Amazon): I watch a lot of Youtube and I had been seeing sponges like these being used by a few of my favorite girls. I'm always looking for new ways to improve my trouble-making skin, so I decided to try this out. I haven't noticed a HUGE difference in my skin because of this, but there seems to have been some improvement with the entire system that I'm using and I think this has a little to do with it.
  • Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser: I like this cleanser because it's gentle on my sensitive skin, but it's also effective. I've tried plenty of gentle cleansers, but I've felt they didn't do much to heal my skin. I've also tried more harsh cleansers that only irritated it more. This, I feel, has been a great middle man. In addition to the other products I'm mentioning here, I am starting to see some positive results concerning my acne.
  • Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion: Another new addition to my skincare routine. This toner is helping to remove any leftover dirt and makeup that my cleanser leaves behind. I can actually see it on the cotton pad, gross, but satisfying since I know it's being taken off my sensitive skin. I usually go over my face twice with this stuff. Once, to really get all the yuck off, and again (on a new cotton pad) to make sure that nothing was left behind.
  • Redken Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant: I used to use heat protectant every time I used heat on my hair, but at some point (I don't even know when), it fell off my list of hair priorities. Not a good thing. After getting my shorter haircut, this was suggested to me. Heat protectant has made it's way back onto my list, and I plan to keep it there from now on.
  • Redken Guts 10:This was also suggested to me by my hair stylist. It smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers, but that's not the only reason I like it. I have fairly flat hair, with no texture to it. This spray mousse pumps my roots up just a little, and gives my new 'do a little movement. I need this whether my hair is long or short.
  • Redken Mess Around 10: This final suggestion from my hair guy is a super soft pomade that I use after I've given my hair a little wave or curl. It gives me the "piecey" look I love without the crunch that waxes or gels can present us with. I'm not into the crunchy hair look, but to each his own.
  • Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer: I've heard a lot of great things about this book and have been wanting to check it out for a long time. One night, boytoy and I were out to eat at Chili's (yum), when I overheard a man at the booth behind me talking about self-discovery and finding your own happiness. Forgive me for eavesdropping, but I'm on a constant mission of self-help. When he mentioned this book, I figured it was a sign that I should finally pick it up. Coincidentally, Chili's is in the same area as Barnes and Nobel where I live, so where did we find ourselves merely 15 minutes before closing time? Barnes and Noble. I knew exactly where it was, since I had been eyeing it on previous trips to the store, so I was out of there in 5 minutes thanks to the speeding cashier. I'm only three chapters in, but this one is a thinker. I'm sure I'll have more to say once I'm done reading it, but so far, I'm enjoying it, making notes (as I usually do in books), and really taking my time with it in order to get the most out of it. I may even have to re-read it a couple times. I just thought I'd share. God is good all the time. Keeping my heart open to any messages he is sending me through this book, and also life's obstacles and miracles. 
Have a fabulous weekend, my friends! If the weather is as nice as the weather man says it will be, you'll finally be getting more outfit posts next week.

Hair, skin, and Jesus,

PS-Any suggestions you have for inspirational books are more than welcome!

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