August 31, 2016

I spy fall colors...

I don't find myself wearing much color during the fall...or summer...or spring...definitely not winter. Ok, so I never find myself wearing much color, but when I do decide to wear color, I go bold. I like mixing and matching bold colors in unexpected ways, like rust and teal.

Top: Target *similar || Skirt: Forever21 *similar || Necklace: Charming Charlie *similar || Booties: BCBC (Dillard's) *similar

This printed top can be worn with anything from a skirt, like this one, to jeans, to shorts. It's versatile and I love it. I paired it with this skirt to balance out the flowyness of the top and add another color to the mix. The statement necklace is right up by alley because ya'll know how much I love gobs of jewelry. And y'all! These booties! I scored them at the Dillard's shoe sale last year and they're a size too small but I could not pass them up. Beauty is pain, ladies. I love them with a short skirt, shorts, jeans, anything really.

Here's to summer heat during what's supposed to be fall transitioning in Louisiana.

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