June 8, 2016

Criss Crossed

Ya'll. This dress! It's one of my new favorites. Ok, I have like a million favorite dresses, but this one is soon cute!

Dress: The Poppy Clothing *similar || Booties: Levity (DSW) *similar || Earrings: So old they're from GADZOOKS...remember Gadzooks?! hahaha *similar

@sweetpretzelphotography14 on Instagram
*Check out the first look from my shoot with Sandra I put up here: Tasseled Tee

The overall look of this dress is nice and simple, but the detailing is why I love it so much. The bell sleeves and the criss cross neckline is so 1970s, it makes my heart scream! Can you tell that's my fave fashion era? Anyway, this dress and these booties with a statement earring...perfect for whatever event you're headed off to...not the Oscars, but whatever.

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  1. I haven't been told anything yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. See the link below for more info.