December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guides for Her & Him

'Tis the season to avoid frantically searching for mediocre gifts at the last minute on Christmas Eve, ladies and gents! Wait, that's not how the song goes? Ah, well, still true.

I've come up with 10 fun gifts from all price ranges for women and men that anyone would love to receive this holiday season, and I'm sharing them with you in today's post!

  1. PJ set- $22 I rarely buy myself pajamas, instead, relying on huge t-shirts and sweatpants from my boytoy's wardobe to get me through the night. Don't let your friend, mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt (you get the point, right?) commit the same nighttime fashion crimes as me. I've got my eye on this adorable, and inexpensive set in particular, but there are hundreds and hundreds of PJ options to be chosen from in the world.
  2. Eye shadow pallet-$42 I've been using this pallet for at least a year now and although I'm scraping the corners of my favorite colors, it's still going pretty strong. It has the perfect neutral shades for everyday.
  3. Cross-body bag-$148 Every girl needs a small cross-body bag for times when she's got no desire to carry her whole house around with her all day. I own this one in gray and love using it when I'm traveling or out and about running errands.
  4. Personalized necklace-$135 How pretty is this classic monogram necklace?! I love the idea of giving someone personalized gifts like this.
  5. Unique wooden spoon set-$20 I don't even ever...and I'd love to receive this adorable set of wooden spoons complete with woodland creatures for any occasion if not just for displaying on my kitchen counter.
  6. Jewelry organizer-$22-$45 This isn't your standard jewelry box. I love the rustic look of this unique organizer, but there are plenty of other options in stores and online for jewelry organization.
  7. Blanket scarf-$14 We can never have enough scarves in our wardrobe, can we, ladies? A blanket scarf is the perfect little something to give this season.
  8. Perfume-$95 A classic, perfume is a staple gift that we all enjoy receiving simply because it's not often we buy it for ourselves, right? If you know her signature scent, you're sure to make her happy with this gift. If you don't or she hasn't found it yet, there are cool sample sets that you can send her way to help her in her search! I've never sniffed this one, but it's a best seller on and the bottle is the cutest, so...
  9. Spa Basket-Body wash, lotion, a candle, a fuzzy bathrobe, and nail polish. The perfect ingredients list for a night in this lady's at-home spa...or just her bathroom..whatever.
  10. Concert tickets-Everyone loves music. What's better than seeing someone we really enjoy live? Nothing. Nothing is better. Well, maybe Carrie Bradshaw's closet, but we all know that's out of most of our budgets. 

  1. Cologne-$66 No one likes a smelly man. At least no one I know. Gross. Do yourself and your guy a favor by getting him a great smelling cologne. Even if he only wears it on special occasions, it's worth it.
  2. PJ set-$18 Guys are probably worse than girls when it comes to sleepwear. A comfy set is the perfect attire for a night of Netflix and popcorn. Please avoid those super matchy sets though. You know the ones...we don't need another Hefner walking around.
  3. Wallet-$40 Another classic gift for anyone is a snazzy wallet. Likely, your guy has had the same one since he was 15 because I swear, they keep those things for lifetimes. Give him an update with a new one and he'll thank you.
  4. Watch-$135 I love the fact that my boytoy likes to collect watches. It's my favorite man accessory.
  5. Records/music-$40 Music is always a good idea. My fiance is a record collector, so I love expanding that collection with ones I know he has his eye on. Even if your man isn't into vinyl an iTunes gift card will supply his ears with an updated playlist.
  6. Concert/Sports tickets- Or any tickets to anything, for that matter. Is his favorite comedian, band, team coming to a nearby town? You know he wants to go...
  7. Personalized camera strap-$50 Ok, but really I want this. It's on my list. But a guy with a creative eye would love a cool new strap to keep his camera handy.
  8. Docking station-$25 I don't know about you, but few things make me happier than an organized space. Well there's fashion and coffee and my dog and cats and Netflix and I go again... Anyway, how neat is this docking station? It's the perfect way to keep his essentials corralled on his side of the counter top.
  9. Wireless headphones-$150 Not into his kind of music? Here's how to avoid it and make him happy.
  10. Beanie/baseball cap-$30 Another man-ccessory..yeah, I said that. Whether your dude is an artsy-chic guy or a sporty-casual one, a hat is the perfect way to finish his look.
I start my shopping in October. Yes, October. Because I don't play those last minute games with the rest of the world, but I'd love to hear your gift suggestions. Maybe I'll start next year's shopping now..just kidding! Maybe.


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