December 4, 2014

Making Friends

Ya'll! Can we talk about how cool meeting a giraffe was?! I cannot tell a lie...I was a little freaked out. This beauty is huge, afterall! But wow! What a cool experience! Gabriel and I were fast friends. (;

Now, on to the outfit...
This comfy little dress is perfect for fall/winter. It's made of a fairly thick material that will help to keep me warm (with the help of tights, of course). I love dresses with long sleeves, for some reason, too.

^^see? Lady was scurred!

I paired the dress with cream colored tights and these cute brown, fur-lined boots. The boots are soooo comfy, fyi.

I wore my horn pendant necklace to break up the solidity of the dress, and of course, my usual watch and bracelets.

I loved hanging out with this amazing guy! So much fun!

Troy LeBlanc's Video/Photography Productions
(337) 303-3056
Find him on Facebook!

ZOOSIANA-Zoo of Acadiana

Dress: Ya Los Angeles (Bevo's Clothing Boutique) *similar
Tights: Forever21 *similar
Boots: Bamboo (Journeys) *similar
Watch: Anne Klein (Dillards) *similar
Bracelets: My Granny & Bauble Bar *similar & similar

Giraffe parties, close encounters, and fast friends,

PS-What are your favorite animals to see at the zoo?

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  1. That is so cool, I have always wanted to feed the giraffes at our zoo.
    xx, jodi

    1. It was fun! So amazing! And they are super sweet too!(:

  2. Awesooome, Such a cute pictures. I made a camel friend this summer in ZOO park :D

    1. Haha! If only we had camels at our zoo!(: I did meet quite a few monkeys, but those pictures didn't make the cut. lol