December 16, 2014

All about the Poncho

Do you remember being obsessed with something as a kid, then a short time later, asking yourself "what the heck was I thinking?" That obsession for me was a poncho...and guess what? It'sss baaackkk!

 I love the bohemian feel of a flowy poncho and this one doesn't disappoint.
I paired this taupe colored one with jeans and black over the knee boots for a casual look.

My long, gold fringed necklace and wavy/messy hair were my last bohemian touches with this look.
Can I just say, nothing is more comfortable than this poncho?? Nothing.

Cami: Apricot Lane Boutique *similar
Boots: Unisa (Designer Shoe Warehouse) *similar
Necklace: Charlotte Russe *similar

For a control freak like me, this is a difficult concept to accept. I'm learning (slowly but surely) that the only thing in this world I have full control over is me. To worry about controlling other things so that I like the outcome is a vicious, never ending cycle of stress. I'm learning how to give it to God.

Perfect ponchos, unbrushed hair, and letting go,

PS-Are any of you control freaks like me? Let me know how you deal. I write...everywhere. Check my purse. I have 3 notebooks in there because I know that if I write it down, I can think about it a little less.

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