September 25, 2014

Nothin' Wrong with That

White after Labor Day? There's nothin' wrong with that!! Ever wondered where that "fashion rule" came from? One of the [hundreds of] reasons people abide by this rule is because lighter colors are said to keep people cooler in the heat of the summer. Once Labor Day comes around, temperatures start to go down, so it's not necessary to wear white to keep cool. If that's where this whole "no white after Labor Day" thing really started, then I say let's put that old myth to rest! Weather in Louisiana is always a roller coaster. I dress according to what I like and what is comfortable to me. 

A great way to fallify (yes, I made that word up) white is to pair it with more fall-like colors..hence, the olive green top I have on here. I love the two colors paired together. The green makes the white look crisp and polished!

I tucked in just a bit of the top for that undone but still cool look.

Gold accessories keep with the neutral tone of this ensemble and add a little sparkle and shine!

My favorite part of this top is the back. I love the gold buttons running down the center! Such a great detail!

Top: Papaya Clothing *similar
Shorts: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) *similar
Sandals: Forever21 *similar
Watch: Anne Klein (Dillard's) *similar
Bracelet: was my Granny's *similar

Myths, faux pas, and rule breakers,

PS-I grew this mustache overnight! Impressive, I know!

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