September 16, 2014

A Little Leather

In celebration of the cool front that passed through Louisiana, I broke out my leather pants last weekend. Although they probably weren't appropriate quite yet, given that the temperatures didn't drop below 70 degrees, I couldn't keep them tucked away any longer! How do you feel about people breaking out their Fall/Winter gear early? In my opinion, rock it when you wanna rock it! If you can suffer through 80 degree weather in a sweater and jeans, then by all means, go for it! I will not lie, I did not last all day in these pants or this scarf, but if I could have, you better believe I would have!

There is something so chic and timeless about an all black look. It's definitely my go-to during winter. 5 days out of 7, you can catch me in head-to-toe black.

 This flowy top balances the skin tight leather pants beautifully. I cannot work the tight top, tight bottom look. Props to those of you who can.

 This scarf has got to be one of my favorites in my collection (& believe me, I've got plenty to choose from). I love that it has the green accent stripe. It's unexpected and takes the scarf to another level as opposed to being completely leopard. Although, I'm not knocking a full on leopard scarf (I'm hunting for my perfect one at the moment).

I think the boots I'm wearing adds a cool vibe to the look because it extends the faux leather look from hips to toes. Super chic.

Top: Eikos (Roe Blvd.) *similar
Pants: Forever21 *similar
Scarf: Apricot Lane Boutique *similar
Boots: Forever21 *similar

Leather, leopard, and killer boots,

PS-I hope the weather was as nice where you are as it was here last weekend.

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