May 25, 2016

Statement Earring Obsessions

Emily, from The Sweetest Thing, is to blame for my current obsession with statement earrings. Until recently, I was strictly a stud earring type of girl. Don't get me wrong, I owned and loved the look of statement earrings, but I never reached for them until now. Here are some of my favorites in my collection...

1. Jeweled from Bauble Bar *similar
I get compliments on these every time I wear them. I think They are super unique and quirky. So unique, that I had a really hard time finding another pair currently in stock that even look slightly similar.

2. Medallions from Target *similar
I like wearing these coral medallions when I'm wearing turquoise or white clothing. I don't know what it is about coral and turquoise that I love so much, but I do nonetheless.

3. Turquoise tassels from H &M *similar
These are the ones that set me on my statement earring rampage! I saw them first on Emily and had a mild heart attack because of how cool they looked on her, so I dropped everything and drove straight to H&M to get my own pair. They were fun to sport for Cinco de Mayo with a red top!

4. Shell discs from a souvenir shop on a beach vacation *similar
These were a score from a beach vacation YEARS ago. Like lots of years ago. They got thrown to the bottom of the jewelry box for a long time and have recently made their way back to the top.

I got these when I purchased the turquoise tasseled ones and later saw them on Caitlin (Southern Curls and Pearls)'s Snapchat. You'll see them in an outfit post that I'm super excited about later!

6. Gold and turquoise from Target *similar
I've only worn these a few times so far, but I have an outfit in my brain that I'm dying to pair them with. Now, I just have to find the pieces I'm thinking about!

7. Black fringe from H & M *similar
These are a fun way to spruce up an all black outfit without getting out of the all black theme! I wore these to SB Magazine's Sweet 16 Birthday Bash earlier this month and loved them! I've worn them several times since then.

I've got a wish list a mile long of more earrings I want to add to my stock, but for now, these (and the rest of my collection) will do!

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